Lisa Pimental and Dale Leffler

By Lisa Pimental

Painted using Dale Leffler’s poem (below) as inspiration

Mother’s Milk
By Dale Leffler

Where do I find mother’s milk?
In the specter of the morning sunrise
In the silence beneath the breaths’ rhythm
In the moment between heart beats and before my reactions
In the truth telling of who I am
In the protective embrace I give my child
In the unconditional adoration from my pet
Between the falling from left foot to right
walking quietly among the trees
In the
reflection of rain in a puddle
deposited just for gazing by me
In the thought that is not thought but inspiration
In the awe that, in spite of our differences, it is all we seek
In the virgin journal’s page, the empty canvas,
note-less staff book or empty stage.

Where do I find mothers milk?
In the silence before creativity, or service to others
In my midnight moonlight
In my friend painful eyes
where hope, love, and charity lie
In thoughtless acts of kindness
In being generous of heart and word
and in the practice, in the practice, in the practice
In being tolerant of the struggles of others
and compassionate with ourselves
In the assertion that things are better
because we have the resources that we need.

Where do I find mothers milk?
In silence mostly,
In “and so it is”
In “be still and know I am”
In “let it be”
For I am the sky, thoughts but passing clouds, feelings but rain
running to the sea.
All of this manifests the source of Mother’s milk
That lays no where else but within me.


By Lisa Pimental

Temporary installation; recycled carpet tack on 10’X10′ wall
Inspiration Piece provided to Dale Leffler

Tree climbing
By Dale Leffler

Oh! this is going to be difficult. What did I get myself into here?
I wanted to let you know who I am and you give this to me.
I am touched, really, but I don’t quite know what to say.
Is this your self disclosure too, in some sacred symbolic way?

I look for meaning in the depths of my life,
a place we can relate and share that we might have in common.
Seldom do I go where it hurts, unless I feel truly safe.
Sometime my defenses put folks off, even me.

Working with material that is subtly tangible and yet concrete,
tacking examples most folks know from life up on the wall,
a stubbed toe, a bitten tongue, maybe a betrayed heart,
it shows up in the locking of the door and not answering the call.

Sitting alone, feeling the smooth coolness of my constricted forehead
ideas come to me, thoughts and images, words paintings too.
I create from what I find about me, my life incorporated, then displayed.
There it is, there I am, here we are together.

Peaks and valleys, roses and thorns, blood and tears
A relationship is born from touch me but not there
Bite marks, scratches and tenders kiss too
How can we put this together
this me and that you?

One Response to Lisa Pimental and Dale Leffler

  1. Elaine Barden says:

    Thanks to both of you….The way your painting and words connect, it seems as though you’ve known each other for a very long time, though I know you met each other only through these works of yours.

    May creativity flourish in future for both of you!

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