Paula Lantz and Leyla Sarigol

Patchwork Air
By Paula Lantz

Painted using Leyla Sarigol’s poem (below) as inspiration

compilation I: urban wind suite 08
by leylâ sarıgöl


Cling. Cling. A staccato chime.
Wind blows across Borinquen carrying the downbeat.
Coming in on the 5th and 6th. On 2nd, then 1st.
Latin horns. Hip hop drive.
One from the left. The other from the right.
Meeting in the middle of a one way street—
A fusion of sounds, of cultures, of races… of people.


Living vicariously off secondhand smoke…
Partaking in the sensual.
The old familiar smell of Gram’s cigarette.

A white puff fleeting carelessly.

Carrying a taste infused with the patchwork air
left hanging above the street
after a day in the life of thousands has emitted its exhaust
and left the few who remain to stride grounded on pavement
as a breeze wafts in with a heaviness that seems to cleanse the day.


I am @ I & Connecticut.
I am among people who languish in the richness of their palettes.
The breeze lifts me as I crawl to rest my head in the cradle of my boot.


Figure in Lavender
By Paula Lantz

Inspiration piece provided to Leyla Sarigol

by leylâ sarıgöl

Lying here, I am surrounded by darkness.
So tight the fit that in it, I am drawn to myself.
Like a blanket it tries to cover me. Seeks to warm me.
Yet I am cold.

Or, am I?

Well. At times…

You gaze at me wondering. And, I do the same.
Searching for a way to pull it together.
And, I am at peace with that.

Or, am I?

Alone in the calm, I feel a pulse. Visceral.
I am reminded of…strength.

I am.

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