Join us!

Calling all visual artists, writers, and musicians!

SPARK takes place four times each year–February, May, August, and October–and we want you to join us! RSVP today by filling out the form below with your name and email address.


So, how exactly does this work?

The group is made up of visual artists, writers, and musicians who pair up, trade work, and then produce something in their own genre/medium inspired by the other’stheir partner’s work. This could be literal (i.e., a creative nonfiction essay on how a painting made the author feel) or not. The goal, in my mind, is for each of us to respond to another person’s work in whatever way we’d like.

To begin, you tell me you want to take part. I match you with a partner. You then send me and your partner, via email, an inspiration piece. Your inspiration piece can be something you create for SPARK or will likely be something you have already written or created. During the 10-day project, you then respond to your partner’s piece by creating a new piece.

Partner pairs’ resulting work–art, writing, and music–will then get posted on a web site akin to this one.

Questions? Let me know! Or RSVP today!

Fill out the form below with your name and your email address, and let me know if you’re  a writer, an artist, and/or a musician. You’re welcome to participate in more than one category, too!

Amy Souza
Arlington, Virginia

3 Responses to Join us!

  1. I’m a writer and photographer who used to do the same sort of thing years ago with now-departed friends that you’re doing with SPARK and would love to join up with you. I found out about SPARK through an old friend, Adam Cornford, who is one of your current members.

  2. Hi Amy!
    I love the work you’re doing here and would love to participate in the next round as a writer.
    Thank you for this creative project.

  3. Marty McGihon says:

    Hi, Amy! Fabulous last round. Definitely want to participate in our next round. I’ve been telling other friends about it too, so Spark will continue growing!


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